Are you ready for autumn classes and a couple of new quilt kits???

Hello again 'Tis the Seasoners.

Hope you're all doing great! 

Seems like the time has flown since we last spoke- happy to report that our new class list for autumn is done and I've a couple of new quilt kits to show you-

We've moved our classes to Saturdays - thanks for your feedback. I'm glad we can tempt some out-of-towners to the beautiful Coromandel for weekend classes! Here's pics of this term's projects- hope we can tempt you.  You can book via the website HERE or by emailing me at Dropping into the store works perfectly too.  Remember- your class fee includes all the materials for your project.

Caterpillar Door Stop (or paperweight): Saturday 22 June ($65.00)

Bonnie - a cute MopTop garden Sprite: Saturday 15 June ($45) 

Sari Silk Tassel: Saturday 8 June ($30)

Embroidered Needle book: Saturday 25 May ($40)

Felt heart Hanger: Saturday 18 May ($35)

Quilted needlebook: Saturday 29 June ($45)

Don't forget our Thursday "Drop In" group too, it's a great place to "do your own thing" with coffee and support from us all! 

SO...... to the  quilts- we've also been happily making two new quilts 'cos we're loving the new Liberty Hesketh fabric. We're on a roll! Unfortunately we've only got a limited  number of these- so, as always,  "first up, best dressed". Both are suitable for beginners.

Harriet's Herringbone: 68" x 79".  Full details here

Fireside squares:  71" x 80".  Full details here 

Happy to report that all of our quilt kits/patterns are up on the website now- thanks for the gentle prodding to get this done! Check them out here

Thanks to the many of your who have trekked to Whitianga to see us- we really appreciate your support and LOVE seeing you!  

 Must away to the shop........

Happy knitting/sewing/crafting....... whatever's your thing!


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