Our store is open in Whitianga, our web page is updated and our term one class list is out......

Hi everyone-

Here's our latest news in a nut shell:  We opened our new store in Whitianga just before Christmas, we’ve updated the web page (finally!) and our Term One class list is now available…….

So….. needless to say, I’m VERY glad to be sending you belated Happy New Year greetings from sunny Whitianga! 

We’ve now settled into our new store at 7 Blacksmith Lane, so if you’re over this way, please drop in and say “hi”- we’d love to see you. It’s been wonderful to see so many of you over the holidays! 

As well as all of our kits and the stuff you’re familiar with, we’re now stocking a wide range of embroidery supplies, patchwork fabric and tools/templates.  Give me a yell if there’s anything you’re looking for and hopefully we can help.

Our Term One class list is out now too- Check out the full description and colour options over on our web page- “Classes and Events”.  You can book there too or by sending me an email (robyn@tistheseason.co.nz) , Dropping into the store works too! .  Here’s what we’re doing:  All of our classes include all of the materials for the project.

Autumn Gnome:   Sat March 23 (10.30am - 2.30pm) $55

Spool Pincushion: Thurs Mar 14 (10.30am - 2.30pm) $35


Framed Fabrigami Dress: Tues Mar 26 (10.30am - 1.30pm) $45                          




Velvet Mushroom: Sat Apr 6 (10.30am - 4.00pm) $65                                           


Jewelled Christmas Decoration: Tues Apr 9 (10.30am - 2.30pm) $35


AND we’ve got a Drop-in Thursday group where you can do your own thing –  anything! Patchwork, sewing, crafts, embroidery, beading...... I’ll be there to help with next steps or to get you started on something new. Thurs Feb 21; Mar 7, 21; April 4 (10.30am -1.30pm) $10 per session.

In other rather nice news and with some help from a very tech savvy younger person (Thank you so much Michael) we now have our kits up on the website.  Jump across there and check them out!  I know you’ve been waiting for this for a long time- but we’re on a roll and new stuff is going up all the time now.  YAY!

Here’s two of our new favourite kits: Click the link to go straight there-

Felt Poppets                                              


Lawrence- an antique gnome

Anyway Dear Readers, I "must away" now, as I’m very happy to say- “I’ve got a shop to attend to today!"

Sending you huge hugs and our very best wishes for a hugely creative 2019


PS- remember to jump over to the web page and check out the new kits and the classes!

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