I’d forgotten how relaxing embroidery can be……. And, I think I’ve found the perfect embroidery hoop!

I just realised it’s been over 3 months since I last wrote to you- We can’t have that!  A lot has been going on with work and stuff, blah blah blah, but let’s quickly move on! 

Something has just happened that I need to tell you about…..

Since we last spoke, I’ve been enjoying some quiet stitching, a bit of ribbon embroidery and some beading- And now I have, in my hot little hand, what I think is the most perfect hands-free embroidery hoop, ever.  

Before I go on- I should say, that I pretty much always use a frame for any stitching- for me, “loosey goosey” fabric makes for “loosey goosey” stitches.  I should also say that I’m not being sponsored by the manufacturer of the frame either, oh how I wish!. I just love this thing.

So, being a keen purchaser of hoops and stands over the years, I’ve amassed quite a collection, all sorts of floor stands and all sorts of hand held round/oval/square hoops.  There are 5 floor stands and countless hoops amongst those tangled arms and legs in the pic (I’m not proud!) 

So- when I bounced into home with this new “Stitch Ezi” frame a week or so ago, this is what I got: 

HIM: For god’s sake, how many embroidery frames do you need?  You can only use one at a time.

Well- that’s rich- really rich, coming from someone who has every fishing rod, reel and catchy fishy thing ever made!

Normally I’d tell you exactly what was said- but believe me, this is one conversation nobody wants to hear.

So- in the interests of getting my excitement off my chest, I’m turning to you Dear Reader…….

First and foremost- my hands don’t ache anymore when I’m stitching.

The Stitch Ezi stand is completely “hands-free”.  Years ago, I could hold those traditional hoops for whole hours, regardless of what size embroidery I was stitching.  Now- it’s more like just whole minutes before my old fingers and wrists start to ache!  Yes- Young Stitchers, sadly this fate probably awaits you too! And speaking of hands….. you can adjust it for righties or lefties as well. (by adjusting the screw position).

Second- it fully rotates and fully collapses so it’s easy to start and finish threads.  I can work at any angle, in any chair.  Fancy doing some stitching while watching the Olympics from a comfy chair?  Yes please- don’t mind if I do!

The thing packs away to almost flat- I can even take it with me when I travel.  Yep, truly- it’s light weight enough to plonk it in the travel bag.  And, on the travel thing, because it’s made from some sort of sturdy super grippy plastic-  there’s no need to declare “wooden products” when passing through customs either. BONUS!  

More stuff I love – it’s got a 10”/25cm work surface, so it’s big enough for most things I’m stitching.  If you flip the hoop over, it makes a handy beading surface- the beads can’t roll off down the back of the sofa.  Even the price is OK- some of the frames I’ve bought previously were excruciatingly expensive. Click here to check out the Stitch Ezi Embroidery Frame.

If you want to see the frame in real life, come and see us at the Hamilton Craft and Quilt Fair:  Claudelands Event Centre- Thursday 1 Sept till Sunday 4 September 2016.  You can have a play with it and see what you think! 


HIM: So what will you do with all those other frames and stuff

ME: Maybe I’ll make some art-

Just between you and me-  This idea is from the very clever folk over at Objective:home- they’ve got an awesome tutorial there too- I might just give it a crack! (http://objectivehome.blogspot.co.nz/2012/03/5-15-minutes.html)

HIM: Don’t be ridiculous, now you’re driving me insane. You should sell all those old things

ME: Sell them? They’re old but not cool old, vintage or anything.  Nope, I’m not going to sell ‘em, in fact, just to make you more crazy, I might just hoard them a bit longer!

Ahhhh- Whatever would I do without you honey? I’d have nothing to write about-

Anyway- away to stitching on the fancy dancy frame.  

Hope to see you in Hamilton- we’ve got a bunch of awesome new kits to show you- here’s two to tempt you -  The Evie - a pear pincushion kit and the Victoria hanging decoration kit.

Big hugs- the really, really tight ones!


PS: Come by booth B13 at the Hamilton Craft and Quilt Show: Claudelands Event Centre: Sept 1-4 2016 and say “Hi”.  





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