DMC Etoile- it's new and kinda weird looking- but I like it......and there's a giveaway

Dear Tis the Seasoners-  

Here we are in March and my "To-Do" list is still full of things I put on there in January and then added to in February... I'm aiming for a better result for March, but I'm not holding my breath.  

I blame my lack of concentration on my love for shiny things- truth is, if it glitters, I want it. So- when the good folks at DMC took their regular stranded floss and added a sparkly strand, it was inevitable that I'd immediately want to have a crack at stitching something.  Turns out, I liked it and I hope you will too.  (Psst......Check out the end of this post for a wee giveaway).

The new thread is "Etoile" and it sparkles...... but it's not metallic (thank goodness). Its sparkle comes from a lurex strand that's woven with the cotton.  If you want "major bling"  you'll be disappointed.   But, happy with a "dainty twinkle"? Then this is your thread.

It comes in skeins like regular stranded floss.  Etolie's 6 strands are the same thickness as regular floss so you can divide and use it just as you would your normal stuff.

It's kind of fluffy and loose- and seriously folks, it does look a bit weird- 

Because of the airiness of the thread. I thought it might be loopy to stitch. Happy to report that I had no problems.  It stitches just like regular floss.  I'd heard that you may need to pull your stitches a bit tighter to tame the thread- nope, not needed.

The colours (35 currently) are a close match to regular floss, but overall, are slightly muted/matte. The white/blanc is probably the strangest skein.  The lurex thread makes it a pale grey, pretty much the same as the shade C415.  Not sure that you would need to buy both.  Check them out!

This is what I made to test this stuff out- It's a free pattern from DMC- See, I told you they were good folks. 

Because of Etolie's subtle sparkle, it's hard to make out in the pic- and, if you've been around for a while, you know my camera is due for a major upgrade! 

So.....back to the giveaway-  If you purchase online (anything at all), we'll pop a set of 5 patterns in with your package.  We'll also give you the threads to stitch the heart design that I stitched.  You just need to pick a small bit of fabric from your stash and get started!  We'll also have some packs to giveaway with purchases in store too- just mention to us that you waded your way through this blog when you make a purchase and a pack is yours! (while our stocks last)

We've got 10 of these packs to give away- and sadly, when they're gone, they're gone.  And yes, the wee dragonfly is included- 

Anyhoo- must away - my exercise class awaits but that's a story for another day.

Huge Hugs


PS: don't forget- the first 10 orders get the Giveaway- :-) 


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