We decorated the Christmas tree together - TRUE STORY!

Recently I’ve been sharing some Christmas tips over at http://www.kiwifamilies.co.nz/blogs/ and I wanted to share them here with you too.

Since the great folk at Kiwi Families don’t know my husband (but so many of you do), I just listed the interesting advice he has for budding tree decorators. But here’s what really happened….

This post is about finishing your tree….. but only after the lights are sorted right?- missed that post?….Its HERE – Go! Yes, NOW! I’ll wait……….

Back? Right, then let the games begin:

This morning, out of the blue and quite early HE says: “Let’s get started on the tree today – maybe we can get it done since we’ve got company coming over tonight”

ME: “OK, but for goodness* sake, let me have breakfast first!” (* I didn’t really say GOODNESS)

HIM: “We need to put these new garlands and ribbons on first

ME: “Why can’t we just shove on the same stuff we used last year?”

HIM: “EVERYONE has already seen that old stuff. We’re not using anything frumpy and dated.” (rolls eyes out loud!) “Pleeease make sure you drape those beads naturally between the ends of the branches”

The beaded garland goes on safely and I try not to offer too much helpful advice, after all, it’s just garland!

ME: “So- Now what?”

HIM: “We need to put the tree topper on next.

ME: “Are you serious? You want me to lug the ladder in here while all this c#^* is lying all over the floor?”

HIM: “Well, I’d rather put the topper on first in case the tree topples and all the decorations smash. I’ll quickly move the boxes while you get the ladder. I’ll put the kettle on – you look like you need a coffee (darling)”

ME: nothing- just silence.

So…. Topper done, coffee consumed.

HIM: “Yippee, now for the fun part! You can help me add the decorations….

ME: “You’ve got to be ****** kidding- you expect ALL THAT to go on the tree?”

HIM: “Let’s do this calmly- I’ve sorted the deccies into colours so we can make sure they are evenly spaced, then we can add the themed ones.”

ME: nothing- just silence.

HIM: “Honey, please don’t just stand back and chuck them at the tree- they need to be placed carefully. Also-some need to go a few inches down the branch- kind of inside the tree”

ME: nothing- just silence.

HIM: “And look how fabulous those new birds look- they’re a really great choice!”

ME: “I can’t believe this- you got MORE decorations- you’re NUTS”

HIM: “Honey, can you please put those special mirror glass ones up the top so they’re easier to see?”

HIM: “Actually- look how fantastic the mirror ones look when they’re next to the lights- they look AMAZING”.

ME: nothing- just silence.

Clearly HE’s so thingy about the tree- ME? I’m happy to go with almost anything, but HE thinks he has much better taste.

So, while HE put the deccies on the tree, (big ones at the bottom on the sturdy branches, precious ones at the top where they can be seen and are less likely to be knocked off), I sat around and had more coffee and ate chocolate brownie. Even for this household, it was WAY too early for Pinot- either the Gris OR Noir variety!

HIM: “Blimey-THIS.TREE.IS.LOOKING.GOOD. I just need to finish off with that angel hair tinsel stuff”. (Does a small happy dance).

ME: “It doesn’t need ANYTHING else- It’s groaning under its own weight- its already OVERKILL. You really are MENTAL!”

HIM: “Are you kidding me?? It’ gorgeous. If I was a better photographer I’d take pics for my blog”

ME: nothing- just silence, I’m still not convinced about that blog thing.

HIM: “Actually- why don’t I get you a new camera for my birthday- so my photos are better? And maybe photo lessons too?”

Anyway, THE TREE IS NOW DONE thanks to me! There’d be photos if I had a better camera.

Here’s some detail of one of the trees in the shop. Come and see it in real life - It’s so much nicer than this pic shows! (1770 Ponga Road, RD4, Papakura Sat and Sun till Christmas, 10:30am4:30pm)

I’m off to see if there’s any brownie left….. just in case the lemon cake I ate yesterday didn’t make my clothes tight enough!

Eek…I may have just got the ME and HIM conversation a** about face- Do ya think???

See you next week for an update on the “bleached pinecone experiment”.

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