A fast Christmas project and one to savour for longer.

You’re due a Christmas project right? After all, there’s still a smidge of time left to (possibly) get stuff made before the BIG DAY! ….That’s if we keep it simple.….. And if we get started now…….

But first a project to savour…..All this started thanks to a treat that came in the post over the weekend…… NZ designer Cherry Parker has just published a fabulous new book called “CROSS STITCH BALL- New Zealand Flowers”

Check out the other pics of the ball over here. These 26 designs of NZ native flowers and trees are beautifully put together in a modern version of a “quaker” cross stitch ball. Books are $25 each.

I thought I’d make a start on one of the designs just to make sure I could still stitch (yes- It’s been a while) and this led me to try and find my embroidery threads….. long story short…..if you were caught up in a huge dust cloud over southern Auckland at the weekend, bleeeghhh- Sorry-That was me- Spring cleaning that darn hall cupboard looking for my threads!

Anyway- I found the colours after a HUGE sort out and got cracking. Kowhai octagon done in an hour or so….. totally NAILED IT! I reckon this could be a great “stitch along with me” project. Watch out for details coming early in February.

So, while the thread stash was all over the table and the “ball” thing was in my head, I thought I’d make a quick decoration to share with you this week.

You need:

  • Small Balloons (eg water bomb size) or regular balloon only slightly inflated
  • Thread or string
  • White glue (PVA)
  • A brush to dab on the glue

Instructions are easy- Just blow up the balloon, wrap it with thread, dab on the glue, wait for the glue to dry, pop the balloon, carefully slide the balloon out through one of the spaces and BAM- hollow thread ornament DONE!

There’s loads of YouTube videos if you do better with pics than words! Try this one:

This presenter soaks the string in the glue before wrapping but I got into a tangle doing it that way- I had more luck wrapping the balloon with dry string THEN painting on the glue with a brush.
Another thing they don’t tell you in the video- make sure the glue is diluted with water- glue needs to be the consistency of milk- I tried with both thick glue and thin glue- thin works, thick doesn’t AND let it dry properly (= overnight)- trust me on this one!

Want to make one? Come out to the shop on Saturday or Sunday (28/29 Nov; 1770 Ponga Road, RD4, Papakura, between 10:30am and 4:30pm, right hand side, balloons on the box) and get stuck in.

Now- I’m off to bleach some pine cones- l’ll let you know how it goes….

Bye for now-

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