Some things done and some promises made…..and a free gift.

This post is slightly philosophical and contains some recent deep thinking (perhaps too much!) but sometimes it’s good to get these things out.

Speaking of getting out…. If you pop out to see us* this weekend (21/22 Nov; 2015) we have a free gift waiting for you! If you bring a friend- we’ll give them one too- honestly!

What a crazy week! – still 6 weeks to go till Christmas but for me, time is starting to fly with a vengeance……

So, this week, I made several promises and actually ticked a couple of things off the list:

This week I promised myself:

Not to miss the miss the cheapo rates for international posting: Getting this done in early December saves heaps of hard earned dosh. Check out the info at:

To manage the “Ghost of the Perfect Christmas”: I LOVE the idea of a stress free, serene, Martha Stewart-style, Christmas. BUT, over the years I’ve realised that it’s just not possible! Variously I’ve been organised, I’ve been disorganised, I’ve had small gatherings and I’ve had huge gatherings and I can tell you there will be something, there always is, ALWAYS! SO- accept it- you can’t do “perfect” because life never is, AND who wants it that way anyway? Where else would our memories come from?

To prune my “to-do” list: Yep- prune that baby down to the rock bottom necessities- Easy to do when you ask- “If I don’t do it- what will really happen?” Gone is the house “clean-a-thon” I’ve always done just before Christmas- this year, it’ll be just kitchen and “public areas”- the rest can slide a bit and be done after the holiday break- (and I may find excuses not to do it then too!). Ahem, Yes I can hear all of you superwomen tut tutting!

To review the gift list and focus on those who need it more: As a family we decided years ago to only do gifts for kids and a fun $10 post lunch gift swop. We always do a few others as well: the angel who saves us from being smothered by mountains of ironing every week, the wonderful Rural Delivery guy; the running group die-hards. No…. I’m definitely not cutting these, but I promise to remember strangers who don’t have what we have- That’s the focus this year.

Wrap as I go: Repeat after me: “This year I won’t be wrapping pressies at midnight on Christmas Eve!”. This is all I have to say on the topic.

To enjoy more: Again…..enough said.

To always remember its “never a waste of time trying to make something more beautiful”. Nothing Christmassy about that- just always worth remembering.

I’ll likely make loads more promises over the coming weeks, I talk to myself ALL.THE.TIME.

And to the “Things Ticked Off the List This Week” (Count these as Christmas tips #3 #4 and #5!)

  • Checked last year’s leftover gift wrap and tags. Yahoo! Hardly need to buy ANYTHING! And- YES - we also have good supplies of tape.
  • Christmas table cloth and napkins are confirmed stain-free and ready for action.
  • List of Advent calendar fillers made. (give me a yell me at if you want some ideas).

I know, I know, I know- it’s not much- but small steps are still steps right?

Anyway everyone- Happy Weekend.- remember- come and see us on Saturday or Sunday to collect your free gift.

Talk again soon

*Shop opening hours: Saturdays and Sundays 10:30am – 4:30pm 1770 Ponga Road RD4 Papakura, Auckland (on the right hand side, party balloons on the box)

Driving instructions on the “About Us” page.

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