Christmas decorating tip #1: “It’s all in the planning!” (and the gorgeous things that arrived last week)

My dear friends,

Time to dust off the decorations and at least start thinking about christmas decorating! Christmas can feel like a big old freak out and sometimes a bit too much to bear- but with a little bit of organisation, it’s definitely survivable!

So…..Christmas decorating tip #1- STOCKTAKE WHAT YOU HAVE: It’s all in the planning. Dust off your deccies, untangle the lights (check they still work!- the time to find this out is NOW, not when you’ve decided to decorate your tree) …. and don’t forget to check your craft supplies too!

Amongst all this- hopefully you’ll see a colour trend- I’ve got loads of white and gold so it makes sense to stick with that! Are there any bits and bobs you need? Can you get by with what you have or is there a missing link that would tie everything together- a garland, some ribbon?

Remember- decorating can be kept under control- you don’t need to glitter bomb the whole house (but don’t judge me when I do!)

A small tree on a table or mantle is perfect for small spaces- these babies are flying out the door at the moment with no hope of us restocking- so although I know you hate the idea of thinking about trees so far out from Christmas, if you want one, pop out to see us at 1770 Ponga Road RD4 Papakura on Saturdays or Sundays …..Our displays will give you loads of ideas from simple to decadent, and we’re loaded with advice too! We’re pretty sure you’ll find that missing link or new treasure!

Last week I mentioned that gorgeousness had arrived in the post- yep! balls of sari ribbon sent from Provenance Artisan Textiles by the amazing Amanda. Check out her stuff at

These little darlings are the reason no dinner was prepared and no house work done (again!). Yes- TASSEL! here I come!. So tassel making it was - End result:

 Christmas tassel

We absolutely must do this as a class next year- I officially appoint all of you to remind me if I forget.

Oh…. A last word for the deccie stocktake: To get that “magazine look”, for every foot of tree height… need 100 lights 10-15 decorations and 2 ½ m of garland.

Have a great week


Psssst- this week’s demo is WREATHS- the usual pine ones of course…..but we’ve also got some amazing alternative ideas - Demos from 11:30am Sat and Sun.

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