Our Christmas shop is open AND look what we made at the weekend…… “Birds of a Feather”

Hellooooo! Yes, it’s me, finally getting back to you at long last- I have no excuses for the delay, nope, nada, not one! So to try and make it up to you- I come bearing a gift- a freebie!…. It seems like the right thing to do since we’ve officially started being christmassy- Oh yes – proper christmassy, with trees, baubles, glitter, lights, holly, bells, reindeer, wreaths! Promise I’ll get back to the freebie in a tick- But I MUST tell you that we officially opened our Christmas shop on Saturday!

What fun it was and SO. MANY. PEOPLE. CAME! It was fantastic to see all you crazy beautiful christmas fans, totally happy to get into the spirit so early. You can now drop in to in to see us every Saturday and Sunday till Christmas (between 10.30am and 4.30pm) at:

1770 Ponga Road, RD4, Papakura.

Not sure if you know, but every Saturday we do a demonstration in the shop (it’s really our house, but shhhh- it thinks it’s a shop!). We start the demo about 11.30ish and repeat it as often as anyone wasn’t to see it! And- Pssssst……. It’s FREE! And Psssst……..it’s a different thing every week.

Anyway, back to the birds So- last Saturday we made these felt birds……. They’re simple and can stand for a lot of decoration- we saw some CRAZY creativeness in the ones that were made, but they were all awesomely gorgeous ….. Next time, I WILL take pics! Don’t say you haven’t been warned.

We’ve just started stocking some amazing wool-blend felt- there’s masses of colours so we just had to make something- thus….the birds were hatched……. Check out the legs…. I know!

The bird bodies are just folded circles, but getting the sizes right took a bit of old school geometry, a compass and plenty of luck. You can make your own pattern if you like- You’ll need: old school geometry, a compass…..- haha- only joking! To get your free bird pattern you can drop me a note via the Contact page- I’ll email you the leaflet right back. Head over to check out the amazing felt…only $4.50 for a huge piece about 30cm x 46cm (18” x 12” in old money). I think you’ll love it- just sayin’.

So….. Now I’m off to make something (gorgeous things arrived in the post today- I’m almost choking not being able to show you yet…… but on Saturday all will be revealed)…… More next week.

Have a happy week

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