The purse making went well AND I’ll appreciate my needles more now…..

Hello again!

I realised this week that there are some things that I wish I’d known years ago…… No- this isn’t one of those wise, self-improving, self-reflecting blogs- Seriously folks, this is FAR more life changing! 

This week I finally had the guts to sew those cute little purses with the metal frames…..   

They say that “with age comes maturity” (ha-ha- not in this house!) but it does at least come with a fairly good dose of “I don’t give a damn if this doesn’t work out- so let’s give it a go”…… 

So- I decided to do what every good sewing goddess does- I consulted the internet for words of purse-making wisdom!

This is what I found out…….. They are crazy easy to make!  This is not to say that being crazy is a prerequisite to making these- It’s just that you CAN be crazy and still make them- They’re that easy!!  After all, it worked for me!

I’m not really a “sewer”- Yes, I can thread a machine, turn it on, put my foot on the pedal and sew a fairly straight seam- Yes, I can rustle up an OK quilt as long as the project involves mostly straight lines.  BUT, please don’t EVER give me a ball gown pattern and expect a ball gown at the end of it!  

Anyway…..Long story short (ha-ha- ALSO not in this house!)- after a bit of internet diversion (check out the video at the end), I figured out how to make a purse!  

Here it is FINISHED

So- picture this if you will, ME sitting there all smug (yes I know it’s not an attractive trait) and loudly exclaiming about my brilliance and new found purse making expertise- and HE wonders (out loud of course) whether this success was just beginners luck……

Anyway… HE and ME- well, we’ve been together for a good long time, and I faintly recalled that HE had been right about something else on another occasion.  So with you, Dear Reader in mind, I thought I’d better try another one or two - just to make sure and to write the instructions in case you wanted to have a go too.  There also may or may not have been some swearing in case he was right about the beginner’s luck thing. 

So- see, it wasn’t beginners luck after all….. I am simply a genuinely brilliant purse maker!

If you feel you’re crazy mature enough to give this a go…..Check out the purse frames over at

We’re giving away the Purse Instructions FREE with each purse frame as a SHOW SPECIAL (Auckland Stiches and Craft Show, 28-30 April, ASB Showgrounds).  AND, with the magic of the internet and skill of Jason the Magnificent (THE web guy), we’re extending this Show Special to everyone!  If you can’t get to the Show, order online - we’ll send the frame and instructions POST FREE* until the end of May 2016.


This is what I (accidentally) found on the internet while searching for purse making advice (and watching the occasional cat video).  It’s how sewing needles are made- did you know they tumble them for TWO DAYS??? I’m going to appreciate my needles much more now.  Perhaps even make them a needle book so they can live out their final days in comfort……

Anyway- Must away….. Show prep beckons!  Have a great week everyone- hopefully we’ll see some of you at the Show- remember to stop by our stand (B18) say “hi” and pick up your free gift.

Happy Purse Making 


PS- Remember- FREE Pattern and FREE Postage* on the cute little purse frame till end of May.
*Post free in NZ only.

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