Thank goodness it’s raining today, the idea that became a PROJECT……and HE gets a bit crafty. “Introducing Project Hexagon- NZ”

Hello and Happy Thursday,

Agggah- Another week has disappeared without a trace- seriously, I have NO CLUE where time goes. I blame it on the chocolate coma I’ve been in since Easter!!! Hopefully you had a good time and managed to get some chocolate, or hot cross buns, or plenty of the stuff that makes you happy!

Thankfully, while I was comatose, other less chocolate focussed “good sorts” were piecing together an awesome idea (you’ll soon see what I did there) that had started with a conversation over coffee.

So, without further ado- Let me introduce “Project Hexagon- NZ”- Yes, this project IS the inaugural exhibition of our quilt group - but it’s also SO.MUCH.MORE……

Today I want to let you know about the Project’s community involvement…….. We’re inviting quilters, crafters, non-quilters, non-crafters, children, mums, dads, aunts, uncles, friends, groups, absolutely anyone at all, to contribute quilted hexagons. We’ll then make these into quilts for the Middlemore Hospital Paediatric Intensive Care Unit and the Womens Refuge.

Imagine how may quilts we could donate if you all just provided ONE quilted hexagon? I KNOW- it’s a lot of quilts right??? Now go crazy and imagine how many quilts we could notch up if you accepted a challenge to complete ONE SQUARE METER of hexies!! The donated “community” hexies will be included in the Hexagon Quilt Exhibition (to be held in September 2017).

…..“BUT I’m not a quilter” Yes, I really CAN hear you say that…. but I’m also absolutely confident you can make these things.

So, to test my theory that they’re are simple to make, I thought….……. “Ha! Thank goodness it’s raining today- He can’t get outdoors……. maybe I can persuade him to make a hexie”. My logic being- if a “non-crafter” can nail this- then think what an expert could achieve- (Actually I was going to say- “if a man can nail this” but then I thought of all the upset this may cause and fast changed my mind!)

I suggested he have a crack at it…..

HIM: Don’t be ridiculous!

HER: Honey- it’s for KidzFirst Hospital and Womens Refuge- AND I bet some of the people who read my newsletter would LOVE to hear this story AND you could be the first man to submit a hexie! (three perfectly good reasons right?) Check out these fabrics……

HIM: Don’t be ridiculous! (he repeats himself… often!) And those fabrics are too bloody bright (sorry- Kaffe…..he didn’t mean any offence- your fabrics really are awesome!).

HIM (again) This is going to be even more ridiculous than I first thought…..

Anyway- you get the drift, back and forth-however, after bribery with food and booze, I was finally on to a winner!

This could even be the first of an occasional series called: “When HE makes a crafty thing”.

First- we made the templates- you need 3 hexies-

(feel free to follow along- there’s detailed instructions at the end):

  1. Sides 2 ½ inch for the main hexagon (also cut one from firm paper to use as a folding guide)
  2. Sides 3 ½ inches for the batting (the thin padding that goes between the layers)
  3. Sides 5 1/8 inches for the backing fabric

You can make the templates using old school geometry (less easy) OR you can just use the templates provided at the end of this blog (easy).

I didn’t have any of that fancy schmancy template plastic so I had to use some recent x-ray films- (and no, my hand wasn’t broken after all- thanks for asking). I hear icecream lids work great too. “Mylar” is best ‘cos you can iron it without it going squiffy- but I didn’t have any of that either.

Then we cut out the fabrics and the batting: I didn’t realise until today what a crazy word “batting” is. HE took great pleasure in wondering (out loud) whether batting was especially for “batty people”. For once HE might be right.

Then we did some stitching. The main fabric goes nicely around the paper template. – No fancy manicures here!

Then we did some ironing! Double score- HIM doing CRAFT and IRONING!

Then we did some positioning and jiggling. Corners didn’t quite match, but seriously- I certainly wasn’t going to say anything.

Then we did some more stitching. OK ,I helped a bit here.

Then we sat back, congratulated “ourselves” and agreed that it really wasn’t as hellish ridiculous tricky as “we” first thought it would be- In fact it was all rather pleasing and quite successful!

HIM: I suppose this means you’ll be having “hexie” sessions in the classroom and I’ll have to make tea and coffee all day?

HER: Well- I hadn’t thought of that, but now that you mention it…….

So- if HE can do it………what might YOU be able to do? We’re happy to help - In fact, we’re having a “hexie session” each afternoon (3:30PM-4:30PM) at the Auckland Stitches and Craft Show (28/29/30 April, ASB Stadium, Greenlane).

Come to the demo (Stand B18)- hear about the project properly, maybe take a pack away to show to your stitching or quilt groups! Maybe make a hexie yourself? – We’ll come to your groups/ meetings too - just ask!

…..And to our dedicated off shore readers……. Helen, Vicki O, Brenda-Denise, Olive and our other friends… we’d love you to be involved too! Maybe an Australia/NZ challenge???

Check out the full details on Facebook- just search for “Project Hexagon”. The page is in its early days, but image how genius it would be if everyone posted their hexies as they made them. Just think about it……….

Also- here’s some other Important Stuff:

Helen’s Sewing Accessory Class (see the pic): 7/8 May: There’s still a few places left.
Email me ( for all the deets.

Auckland Stitches and Craft Show
Visit us at stand B18
When: 28/29/30 April,
Where: ASB Stadium, Greenlane
Why? We have a free gift for you AND loads of new stuff! We’re also doing classes and free demos every day. Meet the Project Hexagon NZ “good sorts” between 3.30- 4.30pm each day.

Anyway- must away to dinner…..Getting HIM to actually make the hexie involved extreme bribery- “food and (much) wine at a location of his choice”….. daresay it won’t be cheap! The things we do……

Talk soon


PS: Let me know if you want more info on “Project Hexagon NZ” -

Click here to download the pattern sheet for the pattern sheet.

Click here to download the Project Hexagon NZ- Quilted Hexagon Instructions

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