Are you ready for autumn classes and a couple of new quilt kits???

Hello again 'Tis the Seasoners.

Hope you're all doing great! 

Seems like the time has flown since we last spoke- happy to report that our new class list for autumn is done and I've a couple of new quilt kits to show you-

We've moved our classes to Saturdays - thanks for your feedback. I'm glad we can tempt some out-of-towners to the beautiful Coromandel for weekend classes! Here's pics of this term's projects- hope we can tempt you

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DMC Etoile- it's new and kinda weird looking- but I like it......and there's a giveaway

I blame my lack of concentration on my love for shiny things- truth is, if it glitters, I want it. So- when the good folks at DMC took their regular stranded floss and added a sparkly strand, it was inevitable that I'd immediately want to have a crack at stitching something.  Turns out, I liked it and I hope you will too.  
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Our store is open in Whitianga, our web page is updated and our term one class list is out......

Our latest news in a nut shell.......Our new store is open in Whitianga, our web page is updated (finally!) and our term One class list is available.......
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Only two more open weekends before Christmas……we’re calm and relaxed about Christmas here at the farm this year.

Dear Everyone……

Our Christmas display and shop is open for two more weekends and then its Christmas!  

WHEN: Saturday and Sunday 10th and 11thDec THEN 17thand 18th Dec
10am-4pm each day.

WHERE: 1770 Ponga Road, RD4, Papakura. 

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Christmas Shop Opens on ….? Here’s the dates AND my solution to the “2016 Wreath Crisis”.

Happy spring! Great news……This year’s crop of new decorations / wreaths / garlands have arrived and we’re almost ready for our open weekends- but first things first……here’s dates we’re open this year…….

26th and 27th November, then each weekend in December up until 23rd December (sorry we’re not open Christmas eve or Christmas day- there’s family stuff going on).

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I’d forgotten how relaxing embroidery can be……. And, I think I’ve found the perfect embroidery hoop!

I just realised it’s been over 3 months since I last wrote to you- We can’t have that!  A lot has been going on with work and stuff, blah blah blah, but let’s quickly move on! 

Something has just happened that I need to tell you about…..

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The purse making went well AND I’ll appreciate my needles more now…..

Hello again!

I realised this week that there are some things that I wish I’d known years ago…… No- this isn’t one of those wise, self-improving, self-reflecting blogs- Seriously folks, this is FAR more life changing! 
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Thank goodness it’s raining today, the idea that became a PROJECT……and HE gets a bit crafty. “Introducing Project Hexagon- NZ”

Hello and Happy Thursday,

Agggah- Another week has disappeared without a trace- seriously, I have NO CLUE where time goes. I blame it on the chocolate coma I’ve been in since Easter!!! Hopefully you had a good time and managed to get some chocolate, or hot cross buns, or plenty of the stuff that makes you happy!

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Save the Date for an amazing class, 15 NEW kits and the April Auckland Stitches and Craft Show!

Hello again Friends

Forgive my recent hiatus, firstly- I thought you deserved a break after getting so much from me before Christmas- and secondly we’ve been really busy creating 15 new kit designs!!!!

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Merry Christmas - it’s here, so ……..FA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA!!!!

Dear Everyone

Yep - Christmas is here and what got done, got done, and what didn’t …… didn’t! Of course, its nuts….. we knew it would be - and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

It’s Christmas Eve! …. I’ve actually got time for a few last minute thoughts, since I’m pleased to report, I followed my own advice and wrapped my gifts early!…. I promise to keep this short, ‘cos there’s celebrating to do!

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Bleach and I are now officially besties!

Dear Creative Friends…..

I’ve had this HUGE bottle of bleach in the back of my laundry cupboard for ages-And yes, I DO know bleach has real life uses like cleaning grout and stuff, but it was taking up precious space and I couldn’t help wondering if I could use it for something crafty…….

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We decorated the Christmas tree together - TRUE STORY!

Recently I’ve been sharing some Christmas tips over at and I wanted to share them here with you too.

Since the great folk at Kiwi Families don’t know my husband (but so many of you do), I just listed the interesting advice he has for budding tree decorators. But here’s what really happened….

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